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Are You Stuck?

This quiz is based on Michael Bungay Stanierís new self-coaching tool, Get Unstuck & Get Going Öon the stuff that matters. Complete the quiz, and learn more about each of the questions he asks...

I know how I feel mentally when Iím stuck
Never really stopped to think about it
I know how I feel physically when I'm stuck
Yes indeed!
Iím too ďin my headĒ to think about how I feel physically
I know the difference between me doing Good Work and Great Work
Is there a difference?
I know the secret of generating new ideas
Iím an idea-generating whiz!
Someone told me I wasnít creative when I was a kid Ö and I believe them
I know the three things that get in the way of getting things done
Sure Ė and the first one is me
Only three things? I can think of at least ten!
I know the three key resources which will support me to get things done
I use these three sources all the time
Iím all alone Ė I have no support
I know the secret of moving from ideas to action
Just try and hold me back!
I never seem to get things going
I know how to double the likelihood of getting things done
I know it and I use it
Thereís a secret?
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Quiz © Michael Bungay Stanier, All Rights Reserved

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