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Featured Coach: Kelly Claussen

Kelly Claussen, CPC

Executive, Business and Career Coaching

Elevating Yourself to a New Level of Success and Happiness!






Asking the Right Questions, Uncovering the Best Solutions. This is the basis of Successful Coaching.

Coaching has rapidly become one of the most powerful and popular methods of achieving our personal and professional goals. Its core encompasses three key concepts:

  • Identification

  • Perspective

  • Forward Momentum

Leadership Coaching within a corporate or business environment has rapidly grown from the fresh new 'in thing' to a solid staple for hundreds of owners and operators who are now relishing its rewards. Numerous companies that have incorporated the Coaching process into their business practices are now reporting increased productivity, steady growth within their respective industries and a stronger, more stable bottom line.

Our Leadership and Management Coaching programs all hold one common goal - to improve your business dynamic by strengthening your skills as a Leader. Whether you are a large corporate executive, a manager struggling with an unmotivated team, or a small business owner working to build your operation, Coaching will have a solid impact on your level of success and the productivity of your Team.

Looking to make a shift within the business world?  Stuck in a rut and want a change, but unsure how to move forward?  The exact same principles used in Coaching within a business environment are successfully applied through Career Coaching.  Identifying your strengths, gaining perspective on yourself and your vision, and achieving forward momentum.  Coaching with me will help you to uncover these key steps to your new future and allow you to see the clear path to achieving your professional and personal Goals!

Contact me today to Elevate your Business, and your Life, to a New Level of Success!!!


Phone: (519) 820-1082 

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Featured Coach Details

Coaching Since: 2009

Certification: Certified Professional Coach

Fee: $200-299 per month




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