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Featured Coach: Kristen L. Baker

Kristen L. Baker

Personal Development/Anxiety & Fear Coaching

My passion is for you to live the life of your dreams!















There are several different coaching programs that I offer, and I also customize to your needs as well.  It is important to remember that coaching is for YOU, all programs will be customized for you!


Each program is created for your individual goals.


Unlimited Email Coaching:

This program is the most popular and convenient program.

This can be done from anywhere and at any time. Assignments sent via email.  Response time is the same day. This program is great because the coach and client can go back and review things and see progress first hand.



Chronic Conditions/Illness Coaching

Living with a chronic illness or condition can take a toll on your life, increase stress, lower self esteem, create depression and so much more. This program will help you take a hold of the negatives of the condition or illness and enhance your life and learn to be acceptant and happy, take charge and live. Having your personal coach to be there and guide you will change your life. 

This program can be done by phone, email or in person.



Family Coaching

This is an amazing program for families that feel unconnected, disrespected or completely at wits end! I will work with you to identify issues and implement tools to improve them. This program is designed to teach respect, accountability, discipline, listening skills and bring your family into what is known as a peaceful environment with happiness and respect. 
This program will offer many assignments, can be done via phone, email or in your home. 
This program is recommended for a 2 month period depending on progress. 


Law of Attraction  Coaching

I will teach you the power of your thoughts.
I  will teach you the Law of Attraction
I will help you discover your real potential!
Action assignments
Unlimited Emails
This is a very intense coaching.  It is best done by writing.  More impact. 

$350.00 per month   


To Fit Your Life Coaching Program 

A personalized program that is created together
1 x 30 minute telephone session per week ( Or Instant Chat) 
Unlimited Emails between calls
Assignments to fit your agenda
Goal Setting Scheduled
On-Line Chats And Much more!

$375.00 per month  


Self-Esteem Builder Program

1 x 30 minute telephone session per week ( Or Instant Chat)
Unlimited Emails between calls
Creating a Positive Belief System
Daily Affirmations
Action Assignments
Personalized Program designed for you
Free Newsletter
On-Line Chat (Scheduled) weekly
This program is recommended for a 3-4 month period After the 3-4 month period, you will

$375.00 per month  


Eliminate Stress & Anxiety Program

1 x 30 minute telephone session per week (Or Instant Chat)
Unlimited Emails between calls
Copy of my book
Action Assignments
Personalized Program designed for you
Daily Affirmations
Free Newsletter
On-Line chat 2 x a week ( Scheduled)
This program is recommended for a 3 month period. After the 3 month period, you will have the skills to cope with stress and anxiety with a positive response. You should be able to live life in a fearless way and feel confident in your daily life. And Much More!

$425 a month

Individual Life Coaching 

This is one on one coaching, charged by the hour. This is by appointment only.
This can be done via On-Line Chat or by telephone.
Email Follow-Up.

$85 an hour

Please email me for more information:



Featured Coach Details

Years Coaching: 3 Years

Certification: Master Life Coach, Spiritual Coach

Fee: $250 to $600 per month




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