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Coaching is a very specialized service that does require a significant financial investment.  Please enjoy a free introductory session with one or more of our coaching professionals if you are serious about the possibility of hiring a coach for continued coaching.

Use this form to request free introductory sessions with up to three coaches.  You can meet the coaches to decide which one would be perfect for you, and experience coaching and its benefits for yourself!

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Michele Caron

Founder, My Life Coach

Transformative Executive Life Coach


Please match me


Bradley Foster

Real Life Coaching


Kristen L. Baker

Personal Development /Anxiety & Fear Coaching


Louise Garver

Executive Job Search Coaching and Resume Writing


Tom Kelly

Personal and Business Coach


Sheri K. Hoff

Life Coach and Author




Jessica Reddy

Career, Executive and Life Coach





Lori Barland

Life and Business Coach



Kristin G. Bainger

Executive/Life Coaching, Leadership Development, Start up/ Execution Planning




Denise Carrigg

Spirit-Centered Life Coach



Kelly Claussen

Executive, Business and

Career Coaching


Suzanne Rose Lubkowski

Transformative Life and Relationship Coach


Mariano Jauco

Business Coaching


Rachel Gunner

Psychotherapist, Mediator, Executive/Life Coach 


Laura Varga

Life Design Coaching


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