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Welcome to the March/06 issue of Creating Your Ideal Life from Coach Michele of!

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"The future depends on what we do in the present."
Mahatma Gandhi


Those of you that are working towards your own coaching careers may be interested to see that Coach Michele has been interviewed for several articles of late, and made an appearance on BBC radio. Coaching continues to gain more recognition and popularity.  Why?  Because it works!
You can read/listen to some of the appearances here:
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Creating Your Ideal Life

10 Questions to Get You Moving
by Michele Caron

So many times we just feel stuck. We have a task or situation in our life, where we know something needs to be done, but we just canít bring ourselves to take any action.

One of the most important things you can do in such situations isÖAnything!  Just getting moving can be the most important thing. Itís just like the concept of inertia in physics.  Sometimes a lot of energy is required to start something moving, but then once it is moving, it has momentum, and can carry on without that much energy.

So, here are some questions you can pose to yourself that may get you moving. Not all of these will apply to all situations, but I challenge you to use at least one of these on yourself in an area where you feel stuck!

  1. What could be done such that I would never have to deal with this problem again?

  2. What are three ridiculously simple things I could do to make progress in this area?

  3. What if I didnít care one way or the other how this turns out, but just got it done because I already decided to, and then I wouldnít have to worry about it anymore?

  4. What if I just did it for *five* minutes, and if I donít like it, I can stop?

  5. How wonderful will it feel to have this finished? What are the benefits for me?

  6. How can I break this down into smaller chunks?

  7. What is the nicest thing I can do for myself here? Which is truly the better investment in myself and my future? Delay? Or get it done so I can really enjoy myself and reap the benefits?

  8. How much energy could I free up by getting this off my To Do list?

  9. What kind of person do I really want to be? Will taking action on this bring me closer to that? Then what am I waiting for???

  10. What action could I take that would be a revolutionary advancement for meÖSomething that I or no one else would ever have guessed that I could do?

I hope that you try asking yourself some of these things anywhere that you need to make some progress!

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Creating Your Ideal Life
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