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Welcome to the May/07 issue of Creating Your Ideal Life from Coach Michele of!

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“If you live your life afraid because you're afraid to live, then you live no life at all.”



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Today, as promised...My take on “the Secret”.

Creating Your Ideal Life

Does “the Secret” really work?

by Michele Caron


Early in my coaching career I noticed something...My clients that felt great about the issue at hand, be it their career, business, finances, relationship, etc., always seemed to experience positive results in that one area.

If they felt “negative” feelings around a certain area, even if they would endeavour to approach the “problem” in a similar way, didn’t get as much of the results they wanted.

For those that are not familiar (are there some of you out there? ;)  , “The Secret” popularizes the idea that you can create the results you want by frequently/strongly/clearly experiencing the feeling that goes with those good results.  (The planning, figuring out, striving, working...egh, not so important!)“The Secret” claims this is all based on the Law of Attraction, wherein like attracts like in the universe.  (Or, within a religious context, the good feelings could be considered as a prayer, asking for what you want.) 

So...there was a correlation with my clients, great feelings --> great results...Not so great feelings --> not so great results. 

Some may argue this is a chicken-and-the-egg kind of thing...What comes first?  The increasingly good results causing increasingly good feelings or the increasingly good feelings causing increasingly good results? 

Certainly the former, increasingly good results causing increasingly good feelings, plays a part in success.  BUT, if you haven’t got any good results yet, in my opinion, YES, “the Secret” style of feeling it first, does work. 

Here are some of the reasons “the Secret” works, even if you are not sure if the Law of Attraction is real or not: 

1.     1. When we are feeling great about something we are more creative.

2.     2. When we are feeling great about something we are more likely to take effective action.

3.     3. When we are feeling great about something we are more open to opportunity (one reason is we are setting up our brains to find the opportunities...We expect them...So we find them.)

4.     4. When we are feeling great we feel better about ourselves and are more likely to get the best out of ourselves.

5.     5. When we are feeling great we may notice that all we really wanted all along was to feel great anyway (thinking that the results would get us that), and notice that, you know what?...I can feel great regardless of the “results”.  (And that may be the most important learning of all.) 

So, what about the Law of Attraction?  I hope I have given you enough reasons above to try out "feeling it first" for yourself...And judge for yourself the results you get, and if they seem to be only due to the practical reasons listed above, or if the Law of Attraction really works! 

Happy creating!

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Creating Your Ideal Life

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