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New Vision (A Poem for Coach Michele)
by Bonnie West

A guiding light

Doesnít come with a switch

And there are no repairmen

To keep it in good use

Itís obviously a metaphor for

ďthe light at the end of the tunnelĒ

Which I could barely see up ahead

Before I searched for you

What seems so obvious now

Could not make itself known before

And I am firm in my belief

That I wasnít where I needed to be

To receive your guidance before

People who already know me

Expect me to step out and accomplish

Whatever needs to be done

They've grown used to

My confidence and my

Goal success In the past

What has changed

Is that if I have questions

I want to hear answers

From a voice other

Than the one in my head

If I feel uncertain

I donít want to know

How strong Iíve always been

I want to hear ideas

That may be better than my own

I want to be challenged

So that the simplest things

Are improved from what they were

When I get through that tunnel

And the light source is full on me

I'll know I did everything I could

To help me stand confident

That I didnít miss a step

Along my uncertain way



Copyright © Michele Caron, 2002-2005