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Michele Caron, CPC, MBC

Certified Professional Coach

Master Business Coach

Executive Life and Business Coach

Creator, My Life Coach


Imagine it's one of those moments...You've just received unexpected and potentially disastrous news.  Your head is spinning.  Your heart is sinking.  What to do?  Well, you can muddle through (and, most likely, emotionally react, get upset, avoid the problem, or take rash action)...OR you can call your coach and EXPERTLY navigate the situation, making THE MOST of what these circumstances offer.  Find the gifts, the learning points and the opportunities.  Formulate a strategy to deal with things, not just in an acceptable manner, but in a way that optimizes your success. Proceed feeling proactive, brilliant, confident and powerful, knowing that you have given yourself the best tools for success.

Do you...

  • Know it's highly beneficial to have a coach, but aren't ready for a huge commitment?

  • Lead a successful but complex life?

  • Have a great life already, but are open to more?

  • Want to maximize your opportunities for learning and growth?

  • Want to avoid making mistakes that cause you pain and cost you money?

  • Want to avoid being less than you are capable of being?

  • Want to live and perform at your full potential?

  • Want support at crucial moments in your life?

If so, my on-call coaching program may be perfect for you. 

With on-call coaching, you'll know I'm always there for you if you need me.  We will connect at the specific moments where it can be MOST BENEFICIAL to engage a coach.  Decision points, crises, high points, challenges...All the opportunities, small and large, we get in life that are truly crucial and hold the most potential for success (and sometimes horrible wrong turns!)

Here are some types of clients that on-call coaching might fit especially well:

  • Executives and professionals with very busy schedules

  • Those undergoing major life change

  • Those navigating a difficult personal situation

  • Those involved with a major career change

  • Those that want to optimize their communication in crucial moments

  • Those serious about self-actualization

  • Leaders of all kinds that want to make the best decisions possible (and avoid disastrous decisions!)

Click here to get started with a free consultation

Learn more about coaching, and coaching with me, here

How On-Call Coaching with Michele works:

Based on your expectations of how much you'd like to use my services, you will choose a monthly on-call plan.  (Plans can be changed at the start of each month.)  You'll be in touch with me anytime something comes up that you'd like to discuss.  We may speak for only minutes, or we may speak for hours.  We will do the work that needs to be done, as it comes up.

Depending on the needs of the moment, I may serve as your support, oracle, second brain, mirror, vehicle for accessing your highest wisdom/intelligence, motivator, accountability agent, truth agent, clarifier, illusion dissolver, decision facilitator...You can be sure that you will make the most of crucial moments in your life if you work with an expert coach.

On-Call Coaching Plans:

Just-In-Case Plan, $50 per month

  • Reach me during business hours via email or text

  • We will have short power sessions as needed

  • Up to 15 minutes of coaching* included per month

  • Additional coaching or outside-hours coaching available at $50/15 minutes

I-Know-I-Need-This Plan, $150 per month

  • Reach me days or evenings via email and text

  • We will have power sessions as needed

  • Up to 45 minutes of coaching* included per month

  • Additional coaching or outside-hours coaching available at $45/15 minutes

Executive Coach On-Call Plan, $400 per month

  • Reach me instantly (max 2 hours delay, rare) 24/365 via text or cell

  • We will coach whenever you want coaching

  • Up to 100 minutes of coaching* included per month

  • Additional coaching available at $40/15 minutes

*Email, phone, texting, Skype, and/or in-person coaching. Unused minutes do not roll-over to next coaching month.

Why you'll LOVE having me on-call:

  • No matter what the crisis, I will offer calming, caring, logical support

  • You'll feel wonderful knowing that if something does happen, you already have a plan for encountering challenges in the most effective way possible

  • You know that when business decisions come up, you won't make rash choices

  • Your boss and peers will wonder why you seem so calm, relaxed and effective these days (you don't have to share your secret to success!)

  • Your loved ones will be attracted to your great new energy

  • You'll love having someone with which you feel totally safe sharing your secrets and challenges

  • You'll be able to tell that are reaching your potential and maximizing your success and fulfillment

Email me at, let me know about the support you'd like to have from your coach, and your scheduling preferences (or complete the webform here: request executive life/business coaching session with Michele), and we'll start with a free consultation for you to learn more.



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