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Rosa Parks and Life Coaching:  Set a Boundary and Change the World
by Michele Caron

In life coaching we talk about educating your environment, also known as setting boundaries.

I encourage my clients to stand up strong for what they believe in and what they know is right.  Whether it is the way your boss speaks to you, how your parents or children treat you, the type of house you want to live in, or the standards of how you spend your precious time.  You donít need to worry about if change is possible or how it might come to be.  That isnít your responsibility.  Your responsibility is to speak and/or act, in the moment, when something is not right.

Is your home environment peaceful and supportive?  Do you only spend time with people you respect and admire?  Do you ever put up with negative, immoral or racist comments in your presence?  Does everyone speak to you in the way you wish to be spoken to?  Do you have the home, car, appliances and other resources you need to be your best self?  What other things in your life donít match what you know is right in your core?

Rosa Parks set a boundary, and, from her perspective, the whole world changed to suit it.  Her boundary was she was no longer going to negate herself by deferring to white people just because they were white.  In effect, the whole world changed to support her boundary.  All she did was stand up for what she knew was right, regardless of the consequences. 

Where do you need to stand up in your own life?  It doesnít need to be a global human rights issue!  You, as an individual, can do wonderful things for this world, just by being your best self and giving yourself the right environment for your natural talents and love to shine through.  For that, you need to have high standards and strong boundaries.  Start setting your own advanced boundaries and see how the world will change to support you!


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