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Round Tuit (one entry from the Forty Reasons for Change Blog)
by Angie Ziegler

Thursday, February 03, 2005
Round Tuit? No, Thank You.

As expected, I got the job! As I sat and thought about the day once I got the call, I kept asking myself, "What made the difference this time?" After much reflection, I came up with these answers:

  • I felt great about myself going into the interview

  • I went mentally prepared, after listening to self-image and sales tapes

  • I had visualized the interview prior to going

  • I REALLY wanted this job, as opposed to a few interviews I had for jobs I would have taken just for the money

  • It's truly amazing how I had taken the advice I had heard so many times from various authors and speakers and put it to use and magically got the desired results... For so many years, I read and read, listened and listened some more and never did anything about it.

My friend, David, and I were just discussing this very topic recently and it got me to thinking about how easy it is to become a lifetime learner and never quite do anything. You can join the "wanna be" club or the "gonna do it when" club, and never get around to it... My dad had this little round wood chip that had "Round Tuit" printed on it. He always laughed about it, but how many people live their lives with their very own "Round Tuit?"

Why is it that although we know what will make us successful in our lives, we sometimes not only refuse to take the steps, but also do just the opposite? What drives us to learn to tune out our inner voice? I suppose it all boils down to our self-image and how we feel about ourselves.

Sometimes all it takes is a decision to make changes in our lives to switch our attitude from one of self-doubt to self-worth. It will start to change, once that decision is made. The climb back uphill from totally doubting yourself to believing in yourself can be achieved, one step at a time. Of course, not everyone responds in the same way. As with any subject, it could be dramatically different from person to person. The one thing that’s consistent is that if you feel good about yourself, every aspect of your life seems to fall into place by some magical force that just “watches over” you. Amazingly enough, that magical force lies in those two little words...self-worth.

Want living proof that it works? Just try it and look in the mirror.


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