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Seeing is Believing:

Using Visualization in Goal Setting

Human beings are captivated by visual stimulation. The entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry because of it. When we see it, we believe it. If you can see it, it must be possible.

Visualization is a powerful tool that can take your goal setting to the next level. When you visualize reaching your goal, you are making it real. Without a clear picture of the end result, setting goals is just writing down concepts or wishes. If you can see the dream realized, you can see the path that takes you there.

This is why movie directors create story boards before they start filming, why architects create models before they start building, and why fashion designers sketch renderings before they cut fabric. They have to have a vision of what they are creating, otherwise setting goals for box office sales, ribbon cutting, and runway shows would never materialize. Without a clear idea of the finished product, the movie will not be produced, the building will not be built, and the garment will never be made.

It’s hard to believe what we can’t see for ourselves. This is especially important when it comes to goal setting. The term “visualization” is widely used but often misunderstood. Visualizing in goal setting is not daydreaming or wishing. It is taking a snapshot of you after you have attained your goal, and then focusing on that snapshot.

Great athletes use visualization to improve performance. Actors imagine the scene before they play it. Successful entrepreneurs know exactly where they are going, because they have vision.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jrs’ famous “I have a dream” speech was the telling of his vision for his people, and his country. Without that vision, would he have been able to affect sweeping changes, motivate hundreds of thousands of Americans, and create lasting change? No. Without his vision, he never would have a chance.

A daily visualization will alter the choices you make, and keep you focused on your goals. Visualizations can also be tangible. Put visual reminders of your goal on your bathroom mirror, in your car, on your computer at work, in your wallet. You might have a picture of your dream home, or a diploma if your goal is graduating from college.

Get as detailed as possible when setting goals through visualization. For example, you could write a short article about your successes, as if you were being interviewed by a famous newspaper or magazine. Post the article throughout your home, and read it often. You will be amazed at the opportunities that will come your way when you take setting goals and visualization seriously.

In goal setting, setting your intention using visualization works almost like magic. It’s as if you have notified the universe that this goal is yours for the taking. When, in setting goals, you visualize attaining them, you claim your goal in advance.

Visualization makes every goal seem possible. More than that, it makes every goal probable. Go beyond goal setting and see the dream, feel the dream, be the dream.

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Vic Johnson is a popular motivational speaker, author and Internet Infopreneur who has created some of the most visited personal development sites on the Web.

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