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Monday November 2, 2009

H1N1 Fears

- Figure out yourself what is best for you and your family

- You can't directly control this

- The biggest fear is not living!  Live your life and be happy...


Tuesday October 27, 2009

When private issues go public

- Work on getting "good" with everything on the inside first

- Then your communications will be clear and not angry

- Consider the big picture


Monday October 19, 2009

How to avoid judgment of others

- There is a different between discernment and judgment

- Everyone out there is doing their best, even when they aren't

- When you judge others, you lower your own self-esteem, because you reinforce the idea that people can be good or bad


Monday October 5, 2009

How to deal with workplace embarrassment...

- Tell the truth

- Be OK with it, and others will have to be

- Truth makes you bulletproof


Monday September 28, 2009

What to do if you mess up big time...

- Forgive yourself

- Apologize from the heart

- Give the other person time and space to process

- Realize you'll learn something from this and be a better person by the end of it


Monday September 21, 2009

4-Week series on personal energies and how to manage them...Fourth week:  Spiritual Energy

- Spiritual energy is used to get the "big things" in life done

- It comes from your deepest held values, and connection to something larger than yourself

- If you are having trouble getting motivated, invest in your spiritual energy!

- List the top 10 things you value most in life.  Consult this list when you need motivation or are making decisions!


Monday September 14, 2009

4-Week series on personal energies and how to manage them...Third week:  Mental Energy

- Mental energy is energy used to do mental work: Focus and optimism

- Stretch yourself, then rest to build capacity

- If you have low mental energy, rebuild before you engage in tasks or you'll waste a lot of time!

- Take a 10 minute break each hour of mental work


Monday August 31, 2009

4-Week series on personal energies and how to manage them...Second week:  Emotional Energy

- Emotional energy is the energy used to engage in emotional challenges

- Be careful with your emotional energy!  Spend it wisely on things that are important for your values

- If you have low emotional energy, sleep, get some support, or get in nature.  Sometimes positive action can get you feeling great again!


Monday August 24, 2009

4-Week series on personal energies and how to manage them...First week:  Physical Energy

- Physical energy is the basis of all other types of energy

- Healthy breathing, eating, breaks, exercise and sleep are most crucial

- If you have low physical energy, try deep breathing, small healthy snack, or taking a break


Monday August 17, 2009

When to help, and when not to...

- Did the person ask for help?

- Would you feel great about helping?

- Do you have the energy, time and/or financial capacity to help?


Monday August 10, 2009

Feeling confident, even when you aren't...

- Confidence is a choice

- Choose to be confident in something that you *are* sure about

- The more you choose confidence, the more you build your confidence muscle, and the easier it will get to choose confidence (easier to feel more and more confident all the time)


Tuesday August 4, 2009

The magic words that can reduce the stress in any situation:  I wonder!...

- Instead of saying have to, should, when, must, I wish, etc., use I wonder

- Reduces attachment to outcome (a.k.a. stress)

- Accesses a powerful state of being

- Can make you more effective


Monday July 27, 2009

How to get back on track if you mess-up...

- Realize it's not the end of the world

- Forgive yourself and any others involved

- Take care of yourself...Go to bed early that night!

- Gently re-engage in the right direction


Monday July 20, 2009

How to deal with people that drain your energy...

- Create good boundaries around your time and emotions, feel great about expressing them

- Stay conscious and true to yourself

- Forgive them and forgive yourself...We are all just trying to do our best

- There is a gift here...Something you can learn about yourself to make your relations better for all


Monday July 13, 2009

How to deal with overwhelm...

- Make things smaller, practically and in your mind

- Use a kitchen timer to do things in small chunks

- One thing at a time, stay in the moment

- No over-analysis!  Stop thinking and just do it...


Monday July 6, 2009

The ONLY thing you need to remember to reach your dreams...

- Be Yourself!

- You have natural urges that lead you to your goals

- Don't worry about what others think

- Allow your greatness to shine through!

- Being yourself in any moment does all of the above...


Monday June 29, 2009

Three FUN and EASY ways to get back INTO THE MOMENT

- Singing - This has been proven to contribute to happiness!

- Breathing - Just stop and take 5-10 deep breaths, focusing on your breath

- Moving - Walking, stretching, jumping jacks, dancing...Have fun!