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Dear Coach,

I know one of the hardest things about becoming a coach is figuring out how to get started.  Do I need coach training?  What coaching school should I go to?  Even if you do get training, it is often lacking in the most practical aspects of all:

How do I organize and run a coaching business?

I've designed a system of documents that are meant to help you organize your life coaching business and coach brilliantly.  This system is designed based on my successful coaching of over 250 people.  If you have some coaching skills, but haven't started coaching, or you have done some coaching but you need to get more focused and organized, this system is perfect for you.

This system is meant to help you with the following:

Conducting a powerful free introductory session

Setting objectives that will lead to success for you and the client in the first coaching session

A way to KEEP TRACK of your progress and performance as a coach...This is designed to KEEP YOU GROWING as a coach, so that you can always be bringing more to your clients.  This Coach's self scorecard is worth the price of the system on it's own and you won't find it anywhere else. 

It's one thing to land a client, it's quite another thing, and very valuable for your business, if you provide so much value, your clients sign-up again month after month after month.  I've had clients that have been with me since I started 20 years ago!  That's because I keep developing myself, and therefore keep providing transformational coaching.  I've included all of my secrets to transformational coaching in this easy to use scorecard. 

Making sure you have an easy open dialogue with your client about the coaching partnership

Keeping your pulse on the crucial parts of your business: Free sessions conducted, how many people are signing up, how much I am charging, collection of fees etc.

Having all the information you need about your client at hand

A system for keeping up with your own personal and professional development

Please note:  This system includes documents to use for yourself in your coaching business.  It does not include documents that would apply to any business, or documents to give to your clients.  This is not meant to replace formal coach training.

The system consists of 13 pdf documents plus instructions.  You can print out the documents and fill them in as needed, or use the documents electronically, creating virtual files on your computer if you wish to save the environment and physical clutter!

PLEASE NOTE:  These forms are always suitable for printing and using.  There is some variability in how PDFs perform between systems, but they are fillable in Chrome and Edge on modern PC's. 

The system is ready for instant download and use.

This system took years to develop, but I am willing to share it with you at incredible value at only $197 USD.

Organized Coach Forms System $197 USD - Click for PayPal

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:  If you don't love your system, let me know within 30 days and I'll refund your money!

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Organized Coach Forms System $197 USD - Click for PayPal

To transformative coaching and a thriving business!

Coach Michele



It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

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