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Personality Types

In coaching, personality types are often used to help develop understanding of the self, our motivations, our strengths, and our areas for development.

16 4-Letter Types

The most commonly used personality type system is the 16 types:  ENFP, INFP, ENFJ, INFJ, ESFP, ISFP, ESFJ, ISFJ, ENTP, INTP, ENTJ, INTJ, ESTP, ISTP, ESTJ, and ISTJ.

There are plenty of websites that will give an overview of the types.  Here are some points that can be helping coaching points for the different personality types:

ENFP:  ENFP's are outgoing and enthusiastic.  Being NF's, they are "super-feelers".  Almost anything is possible for them, and that can be part of the challenge!  ENFP personality types may need help focusing on a clear direction and taking concrete steps in that direction.

INFP:  INFP's are sensitive, reflective, intuitive and often artists and/or healers.  They sure do fit well in the "super-feeler" category!  INFP's often also relate to the highly sensitive person (HSP) paradigm.  INFP's may need help separating there own feelings from the feelings of others, so that can effectively focus on themselves and their own journey.

ENFJ:  ENFJ's often experience a lot of success in organizational environments.  Their social intelligence can sometimes be overdeveloped, however, in a way that gets in their way.

INFJ:  INFJ's are also known as the "natural counselors".  Often INFJ's find themselves in career positions that don't allow for enough creativity and/or grate on their values too much.

ESFP:  ESFP's like to have fun experiences.  They may need help focusing to make sure that practical things get done.

ISFP:  ISFP's are very sensitive and may have trouble saying "no".  Coaching often includes learning to have great interpersonal boundaries and how to speak one's own truth.

ESFJ:  ESFJ's are talented with interpersonal work.  They may run into trouble if low-self esteem results in acting "better" than others.

ISFJ:  ISFJ's have great memories for social facts and details.  They are very principled and may trouble themselves with "judging" others as not ok, while at the same time having trouble effectively communicating when things are not ok for them.

ENTP:  ENTP's need varied work, often special projects type work is perfect.  ENTP's are unique people and unique communicators.

INTP:  INTP's are "super-thinkers".  They think differently than almost everyone else and are often a few steps ahead.  This isn't always an easy social fit!  It is crucial that INTP's have flexible work that allows them to solve problems.

ENTJ:  ENTJ's can make great executives.  They may do well with developing their emotional side of themselves.

INTJ:  INTJ's are the top wage-earners by type.  Intellectually brilliant, not-so-bright people and systems can lead to frustration that gets in their way.

ESTP:  ESTP's like to be active and using their brains.  Boredom is a killer!

ISTP:  ISTP's are responsible yet fun people.  They may benefit from working on boundaries at work.

ESTJ:  ESTJ's are often great at getting things done.  They may benefit from learning to reflect on themselves a bit more...stepping into the Observer perspective.

ISTJ:  ISTJ's are solid people.  Coaching often focuses on reflecting on what they really want for themselves and their families and going for it.

Coach Michele, the founder of My Life Coach, specializes in coaching NT personality types!


Enneagram Personality Types

The enneagram is a powerful system for understanding people's personalities, and their true natures, from a psycho-spiritual perspective.

This is a very powerful system that when combined with transformational coaching can lead to fundamental, dramatic, transformation of lives.

Coach Michele, the founder of My Life Coach, specializes in coaching Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.  She has had profound success coaching Type 3's, The Achiever/Performer...


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