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Coaches have all kinds of experience and professional backgrounds.  If you want to be a life coach (or personal coach, executive coach, career coach, business coach, etc.), you should probably have these qualities:

You have a sincere desire to help others live an incredible life

You have professional and/or life experience that you have learned from

You are good at being happy and living an amazing life yourself

Coaching was born as a virtual career, and coach training and coaching schools are widely the same, performed via internet, teleconference and webinars.  Coach training can cost as much as $10,000 or more and take many months or years.  Ultimately, however, your clients don't care about that.  They want talented life coaches, business coaches and career coaches that get them results in their life.  I believe that your most important "coach training" comes from actually coaching people!  Therefore, a program that teaches you the basics and gives you the tools you need is perfect for those that are motivated and ready to enter this amazing career.

At MyLifeCoach we work closely with the Fowler International Academy, because they provide you the tools you need to effectively coach, at a low cost, and without taking months or years.  It is an intensive coach training program that will help you create your career NOW, not years from now.  And, you'll have your certification as a Certified Professional Coach.  All for an incredible price with my special discount.  What I love the most is they really care about you providing quality coaching and having an amazing career.

Use this link to learn more about becoming a Certified Coach with FIA. 

Important!  Remember this link, because it takes you to a special page where you can get a bonus with your coach training.  You must use this link to get the discount! (remember this link, you must use it to get your bonus)


Act quickly because these low prices may not last!



It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

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