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Life Coaching Questions

Part of what coaches do is ask questions that expand, deepen, reveal and shift.  Here are some examples, with some "basic" coaching questions (but not all the basic ones) and some not so basic ones!

You might want to keep this page open while you are coaching...



How do you know that?

What else is important?

What haven't you considered?

What might be less important than you think?

What might be more important than you think?

What if that was not true?



When was the one moment in your life when you felt most alive?  Most like the real you?

If you had to completely rewrite your personality, and you could only keep three things that are really important to you, what qualities would you keep?

What would surprise people to know about you?

What do your friends say about you?

Who is really inspirational for you to hang around?

What has always come really easily to you?



In any given moment, what do you tend to focus on?

How do you want to feel?

When are you most productive?  (or happy, peaceful, successful, etc.)

What do you waste the most time on?

What do you waste the most energy on?

What gives you energy?

What can you perceive at this very moment?



If you found out you were dying today, what would you be really disappointed you never did?

If anything was possible, what would you love your life to look like in 2 years?

What goal would be so inspiring to you, you would have unlimited energy to reach it?

If you could change one thing about life on earth, what would it be?

If an alien could observe you and your life from space, what would they think you really care about, based on your actions and activities?  What would they be surprised to know you care about?



What has your intuition been saying to you? (or heart, gut)

What have you been resisting?

What belief would be hardest for you to let go of?

What would happen if you did a 180˚ on that?

What "shoulds" are you ready to drop?


Towards Non-Duality Coaching

How does that thought help you?

What separates you from others?

What separates you from love?

If you and (person x) are actually part of the same being, what would that mean?

If you and (situation x) are actually all part of one imagined occurrence, what would that mean?

What about that person presses a button in you?  What is that button?

If you truly knew that you were 100% safe at all times, how would that change things for you?

When is the last time you felt unconditional love for someone?  For yourself? 

Have you ever experienced unconditional love?


Physical Energy

Do you get enough sleep?

Do you think the way you eat is highly energy efficient, or maybe not so much?

When you decide what to eat, what do you consider?

When in your life did you have the best physical fitness?  Why do you think things worked well for you then?

Do you have the energy you need to reach that goal?


Emotional Energy

Who drains you?

What drains you?

What do you spend most of your emotional energy on?

Where do you lose a lot of emotional energy?

How do you build your emotional energy back up?  What fills you up?

If you made your emotional energy a top priority, how would you live differently?


Mental Energy

Are you able to focus as you'd like?

What do you think about a lot?

Does the way you are thinking about that make things more stressful, or less stressful?

Do you have any breaks during your day?

What refreshes you, mentally?


Spiritual Energy

Do you have enough inspiration to reach that goal?

What inspires you?

How do you reconnect?

What is your most important value?

Do you participate in things you know you don't feel right about?


Career Change

What parts of your current job do you like the most?  The least?

If you knew you were going to be in this position for the rest of your life, what would you do to make the most of it?

What would your supervisor be surprised to know about you?

What would your coworkers be surprised to know about you?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of the "real you" are you being at work?





It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Napoleon Hill




Copyright Michele Caron, 2002-2011