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Featured Coach: Kristin G. Bainger

Life Coach Kristin G. BaingerKristin G. Bainger

Germaine LIFE

coach'-ing: facilitating people in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives




The individuals and groups I have successfully worked with come to me when they are struggling with defining or executing a plan.  We work together to design the steps needed to accomplish their objectives while always being true to the core ethical values we share.

My ideal client is creative, intelligent and willing to accept full responsibility for their actions and their future happiness.  They strive to be a positive contributor at home and at work. They understand that leadership is much more than a pay check or a title.

In addition to coaching l have developed plans to help build strong and effective organizational structures as well as programs to help build better communication and understanding.


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Coaching Since: 2009

Certification: Experience in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurship

Fee: $250 to $800 per month




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