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Simple Decision Making Exercise: Deciding What Action to Take

We are frequently faced with the decision...What should I do? 

This exercise is meant to help you gather your thoughts, make a conscious decision, and move forward with an immediate action.

(Hint:  For those that are committed to creating a life with a natural approach to taking action, high energy levels, and an easy ability to always know what is best in any moment, you'll want to be choosing from the ENJOY box as often as possible. Choosing from SHOULD, leads to a loss of ability to make good decisions and take consistent action!)

Fill in the blanks to make your thoughts clear:

These are the things I think I SHOULD do right now:

These are the things I would ENJOY doing right now (may or may not include items from your answer above):

I CHOOSE to move forward with the following action, which I will fully commit to without second-guessing myself:

My HIGHER REASON for taking this action:


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