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What Kind of Results Can You Expect from Life Coaching?

What kind of results can you expect?

Of course, every coaching and life situation is different, so each progression is different.  But in my experience, here is how things often proceed when people make the inspired choice to engage in coaching...

First Month:

  • Worry is replaced by peaceful optimism

  • You are energized and motivated

  • You are focused on what is important

  • You finally start taking effective, significant action

  • Events start to show you that you are going in the right direction

  • You feel much better about yourself and your future

  • You've made progress towards your goals

  • You are thrilled you made the decision to get a coach

Second, Third Months:

  • You are much more confident and effective

  • You are amazed that you've reached several goals we have set together

  • You are much happier at work, even if you are looking to create a change

  • Your personal relationships are much more fulfilling

  • You are performing at a much higher level

  • You know what you want, and are confident that you can achieve it

  • You feel like you are waking up for the first time in a long time


  • Worry is a thing of the past

  • You have a deeply inspiring vision for your life

  • You are closer to your loved ones

  • You are starting to experience joy like you never have before

  • Life has a certain flow, everything seems to be working

  • You are a connected, balanced, effective person

  • You are present, living and experiencing life in the moment

  • Great people and opportunities are attracted to you

  • You are expressing your greatest values and abilities in your work

  • You are starting to do and achieve things in life you only dreamed of before...

  • Possibilities are endless...You feel free and capable of doing anything!

  • Your life is unfolding in amazing ways

  • You are unfolding in amazing ways

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