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Life Coaching Intentions eCourse - This Is One of My Original Products But Still Very Popular! You May See Some Prescient References in This Material, But I Haven't Revised Them!

Finally!  I have created an eCourse for anyone that wants to:

  • Have a more successful life

  • Learn to live intentionally

  • Learn to coach themselves towards their best

  • Master important happiness concepts

  • Build the basis to become a Life Coach one day

Coach Michele's

Life Coaching Intentions eCourse

Now, nothing can replace one-on-one Life Coaching! 

But...This eCourse is meant to allow you to learn many of the most important concepts, that I use, as a successful coach, with many of my clients to help them enjoy life more, and get the results they want.

Do you want to...

  • Have more financial abundance

  • Learn more about the right career for you

  • Enjoy life more

  • Get in "the flow" of life

  • Have better relationships with others

...Or any other goal aligned with your highest good?  This eCourse is meant to demonstrate to you how to reach it.

After talking with you and receiving your 30-day Intentions e-book, I drastically changed my life--I went to college to receive my master's--and went into an entirely different career--from corrections to education!   Y.G.

The eCourse takes the form of 30 days of daily intentions.  Each intention will:

  • Outline an important concept for a happy and successful life

  • Provide a powerful intention to follow for the day

  • Allow you to learn for yourself what is important for you

I did not hold back in writing this eCourse.  Believe me, there are enough powerful concepts here to completely transform your life.  Am I a little worried that people might take this eCourse and not even need my coaching?  A little!  But, if this can help people become more successful I really have no complaints.

A note for future Life Coaches:  This course does not train you how to coach, but it does emphasize some of the most important concepts that go into a happy and successful life.  You'll end up using these concepts for yourself, in your business and with your clients.

Buyer beware!  You must be ready and willing to stretch yourself a bit, think a bit different than you have in the past, and do things a bit different than you have in the past.  If you are...Congratulations...This eCourse is for you, and you can expect to start an exciting new time in your life.  If not...This eCourse is not for you, and you can keep experiencing your current results!

The eCourse is in pdf eBook form...ready for instant download. 

Now's the part when I ask you how much you think something like this is worth.  Well, I charge hundreds of dollars a month for Life, Career and Business Coaching (and my clients are happy to pay it!) and I have designed this eCourse very carefully to include *many* very important concepts that *I know* can change your life.

I think that this eCourse is hard to put a price on, but I also created it so that everyone can afford it, so I am happy to offer it for, at least for now, the introductory price of $29.95 USD.

Coach Michele's

Life Coaching Intentions eCourse

Instant Download $29.95 USD

Visa, MasterCard


Please be sure to continue with the check-out process until you get to the download.  It is available right away at the end of the process.  If you miss it somehow, email us!

Of course, I know you are thinking it...What about free bonuses?

Yes!  I have included 3 bonuses that I am really excited about.

Bonus #1:  Coach Michele's Intentional Living Journal

Really, I can't even believe I am including this.  I will probably sell this separately at some point, but if you go for it now, you can get it for free! I developed the first version of this journal for my own use.  I have revised it and provided instructions and sample entries to make it a powerful tool for *anyone* that wants to develop themselves as a person and have a happier, more successful life. 

The neatest part is...It works together with the Life Coaching Intentions eCourse, because the intentions are included in the first 30 days of the journal.  Then, there are 15 additional days for you to re-use your favorite intentions or design your own.

I don't want to give away too much about what is in this journal.  Let me say that it has one section to complete in the morning (a daily intention), then several sections to complete at night (it doesn't take too long!) that encourage a daily practice of awareness, growth, observance, learning, compassion and creation in your life.  Just using this journal alone could change your life.

The journal comes as an instantly downloadable pdf eBook...Ready for you to print out and use right away.

Bonus #2:  Intentional Living Journal Refill Pages

I am so sure that you are going to love the journal, I have included a pdf eBook ready to easily print out 30 additional days of journal pages.

Bonus #3: 99 Intentions...For a Great Life

You'll love living an intentional life, and you will be ready for more after the eCourse is complete.  I have included a list of 99 additional Intentions! 

This extensive list should provide lots of great intentions to use in your life, as well as give you ideas for your own powerful intentions.

You'll love choosing an intention each day once you see what powerful things you can create when you focus your mind, heart and spirit on an intention!

And, in case you still have any reservations, of course, if you don't *love* your eCourse, I will provide you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Are you excited?  I am too!  I know that you can create amazing things in your life using these intentions!

Coach Michele's

Life Coaching Intentions eCourse

Instant Download $29.95 USD


Please be sure to continue with the check-out process until you get to the download.  It is available right away at the end of the process.  If you miss it somehow, email us!


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