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All of our Featured Coaches will offer you a free initial session to help you decide if coaching is for you. 

My Life Coach is providing information about these coaches for your convenience, but we don't get in the middle of your coach-client relationship.  If you decide to hire a coach you will make arrangements between you and the coach directly.  All of our coaches have agreed to maintain the highest of professional standards.  Ultimately, you are responsible for yourself, your own life, and any actions you take as a result of coaching.  Coaching is for healthy people that take responsibility for their own lives.

Here's some advice on finding the perfect coach for you.

  • Learn about our Featured Coaches

  • Read comments and blog posts by our coaches on the my life coach blog to get to know them better

  • Choose coaches that you are attracted to

  • Click on coaches faces to see their profiles and click the free session button to sign up for free sessions

  • Ask your coach if they've worked with people like you, situations like yours before.

  • Ask the coach about their qualifications...Remember that brilliant coaches have all kinds of backgrounds, training, certifications, etc.  Many of the most successful coaches are self-taught.  You should feel comfortable that the coach has the right kind of background and experience for you.

  • The most important thing is to feel energized and supported yet challenged in your free session.

  • Take action and chose the coach that is perfect for you by promptly signing up with them for your first official session! 

Coaches!  We are looking for more great coaches to be Featured Coaches on My Life Coach.

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