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Ten Ways to Spark Change
by Coach Michele

Almost every client that comes to coaching has one thing in common.  They feel "stuck".

The truth is you can never truly be stuck, but it can feel that way.  The secret to getting unstuck is to find ways that you can move.  Even if you can't necessarily see how that movement is going to help you.  Any movement can help you when you are stuck.  Movement is change, and change is the start of progress.

Here's ten ways you can spark change, and start progress:

Pursue an Interest At Whatever Level You Can.  Want to play the piano, but have no piano, and little time or money?  Listen to piano pieces.  Read about piano playing on the internet.  Get a toy piano and play it.  I'm not kidding.  You'll move yourself forward if you take any action in the desired direction.  Stop stopping yourself because it isn't "perfect" yet.

Think the Opposite.  Take note about how you've been thinking about the area you are stuck around.  Think the opposite.

Do the Opposite.  Take note about how you've been acting around the area you are stuck with.  Do the opposite.

Feel the Opposite.  Take note about how you've been feeling around the area you are stuck with.  Proactively find ways to feel the opposite.

Get Conscious.  Pay very close attention to the moments that involve the "stuck" part of your life.  What is really going on here?  How to you feel?  How does your body feel?  What are the thoughts in your mind?  How would you prefer things to be?  What is the truth about this situation that you are having trouble acknowledging?  When you truly pay attention, you automatically create positive change.

Get Around Unstuck People.  Find a way to rub shoulders with people that are doing the thing you want to do.

Do Anything that Makes You Feel Alive.  Even if in an area of life totally unrelated, do something that makes you feel great.

Trust Your Impulses.  If you have positive intentions for change, your whole self will be feeding you ideas that WILL work to help you change.  All you need do is pay attention, trust yourself, and follow through.

Help Someone.  Find a way to contribute to someone in a way that is very much appreciated.  It will get good energy flowing for you, and you'll gain perspective.

Let Go.  Let go of the need for change, the feeling that you can't be happy until this particular aspect of your life is different.  That is a lie, and it keeps you stuck.  Relax and let go.


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