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Featured Coach: Bradley Foster

Bradley Foster, M.A.

Real Life Coaching!

It is what it is, but what could it be?





I specialize in working with clients who feel stuck and powerless to move forward whether it is personal, relationship, or career-related. I help my clients restore balance by coaching them with practical, usable tools. You reach an impasse or get stuck when the motivations that propel you forward get out of balance. You fail to act out of resignation or fear of making the wrong move. By bringing you back into balance I restore your sense of clarity, purpose and direction in life. Once your opposing forces begin moving in the same direction, you are more prepared for success and fulfillment and less likely to be hobbled or thrown off balance.  

Often what keeps us moving forward is what I call “unfinished business”. These are things that trigger us and things that recur in our lives. I help you identify these roadblocks and remove these painful obstacles. Re-framing these events and resolving them is critical to moving on to a balanced life and finding stability even during challenging times. 

I am an experienced Gestalt-trained coach. I am your sounding board. I hold up an honest mirror to you. I offer practical results, a difference you can see. I help you build solid ground so you are less shaken or thrown off balance when life gets unpredictable and scary. A prepared mind is better able to take advantage of opportunities as they emerge. 

My coaching as been described as: part adviser, part sounding board, part supporter, part manager and part strategist.


I become your “thinking partner” who helps you achieve the following:

  • Clarifying your skills, strengths, values and life purpose.

  • Improving your communication and relationships.

  • Identifying your goals.

  • Creating effective action plans.

  • Increasing your self-awareness.

  • Broadening your perspectives and choices

  • Experience fulfillment and success.

I work with clients on these as well as with other concerns:

•Decisions about Relationships
•Dating/Social Life
•Changing your behaviors and beliefs
•Nurturing/Improving Your Relationships
•Communication and Intimacy

•Finding the Work you Love
•Career or Academic Decisions
•Job Satisfaction, Balance and Effectiveness

•Feeling better about yourself
•Becoming more assertive
•Making better choices
•Eliminating self defeating behaviours
•Getting Unstuck
•Managing Stress
•Finding balance that works for you

I will work with you to achieve the changes that you desire.


I have a Master’s degree. I graduated from the Gestalt Institute of Toronto in 2005 (Leadership and psychotherapy) and trained as a coach (Core Curriculum) with the Coaches Training Institute. In addition I have trained as a mediator and in other modalities like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You will find that I am an attentive sounding board; someone who will listen without judgment, ask the right questions and help you clarify your thoughts and desires with practical outcomes. 

I have eight years experience as a coach and a counsellor in private practice. I also have a business background consulting in the financial, communication and IT sectors (15 years). My clients describe me as understanding, balanced, intuitive, insightful, creative, calm, easy to talk to, and humorous. Contact me if you are looking for an experienced, well-trained and insightful coach who will give you the tools to succeed. 

Click here for a free consultation with Bradley.



Featured Coach Details

Coaching Since: 2007

Certification: 3 Year Leadership Training

Fee: $300 to $620 per month




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